0090 S&B ゴールデンカレー 中辛 230g/ S&B Golden Curry Medium Hot (230g)

0090 S&B ゴールデンカレー 中辛 230g/ S&B Golden Curry Medium Hot (230g)

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For us in Canada, Japanese curry is not spicy at all, and is practically not much spicier than a stew. Still, it has a distinctive taste widely loved by old and young, and there are curry restaurants all over Japan. And this version of the popular Golden Curry Sauce is certainly on the spicy side.
This box contains a vacuum pouch containing the curry sauce with potatoes, carrots, etc., which simply needs to be immersed in a pot of hot water before serving.
There are no meat or meat derivatives in this product. Its delicious taste and convenient preparation earns it a place in the pantry of many Japanese households.

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