Welcome to English-speaking customers of Yuyomart!

Hello, and welcome to Yuyomart! Even if you speak no Japanese, you’re welcome to browse our online store and have the Japanese goodies that you like shipped to you, anywhere in Canada.

At the moment our focus is on food and cosmetics, with some household and lifestyle goods.

Check out our shipping policies by selecting Shipping from shipping page.

Use the Shop menu to browse our Japanese product lineup. For many products, you will find an English description at the bottom of the page

The shopping cart is in both English and Japanese, and if you aren’t clear about anything at all, you can use the Contact menu item to reach us.

We already have several English-speaking customers, some all the way out in the Maritimes (we are in Vancouver). Our shipping is fast, at a reasonable cost, and our focus on products already familiar to Japanese families sets us apart from other Asian supermarkets.

We hope you enjoy shopping at Yuyomart! 👋

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