Welcome to Yuyomart Membership and its amazing benefits! It’s completely free to join with no membership fees or annual costs. Sign up today and start enjoying the benefits!

Membership Benefit #1

Earning Yuyomart points

As a Yuyomart Member, you can earn Yuyomart points on all your purchases on the Yuyomart site. Accumulate enough the points to level up and enjoy even more rewards!

*Yuyomart points expire one year from the date they were earned.

Yuyomart Points System

You earn

1 point for every $10

spent on your purchases.

Save with points!
You can use these points for your future purchases at a rate of

10 points = $1.

Level up!
Membership rank is determined by the accumulation of Yuyomart points. Depending on your membership rank, you can purchase specific items at discounted prices:

51 to 100 points: Silver Member – 12% off member items
101 points and above: Gold Member – 15% off member items

*Your membership rank is updated by the system the following day once you’ve reached the required points.

Membership Benefit #2

Purchasing at exclusive member prices

You can purchase certain products at special excusive member prices. Member products are updated regularly.

Current Member Price’s Products

You can purchase the following products at exclusive member price.
Basic Member - 10% off Silver Member - 12% off Gold Member - 15% off

CAD$2.61 CAD$2.55 CAD$2.47
CAD$5.31 CAD$5.19 CAD$5.02
CAD$3.51 CAD$3.43 CAD$3.32
CAD$8.90 CAD$8.01 CAD$7.83 CAD$7.57

*Please note that the products and discount rates are updated and may vary each time.

Please review and agree to the membership terms and conditions before proceeding with the registration.
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