0089 S&B ゴールデンカレー 辛口 230g / S&B Golden Curry Hot (230g)

0089 S&B ゴールデンカレー 辛口 230g / S&B Golden Curry Hot (230g)

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For us in Canada, Japanese curry is not spicy at all, and is practically not much spicier than a stew. Still, it has a distinctive taste widely loved by old and young, and there are curry restaurants all over Japan. This is the medium hot version, but is still relatively tame.
This box contains a vacuum pouch containing the curry sauce with potatoes, carrots, etc., which simply needs to be immersed in a pot of hot water before serving.
There are no meat or meat derivatives in this product. Its delicious taste and convenient preparation earns it a place in the pantry of many Japanese households.

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